About Me


After years of experience in health care. I have come to the realization that the health care industry is not for me. I have decided to make a career change and I am very eager to learn and grow in the tech industry. I am very friendly. I am the best team player, I am always helping my peers and learning from them. I believe team work is one of the biggest attributes to success in a company.

I am reliable. I committ 110% to any task put infront of me, that includes in my personal and business lives. I believe it is important to produce quality work before moving on to the next task at hand. which is why time management is my best friend. My mother has built an amazing career in the tech industry. After seeing how rewarding and fulfilling it is for her, I strive for the same. I appreciate the the many sectors of tech someone can build a career in. I am especially drawn to the creative and problem solving elements of front-end development. Programming has a lot of depth and I cannot wait to explore it all.