Hard Skills


Hand Coded HTML

My focus is creating aligned, easy to read, semantic HTML5 to ensure easy interaction for users, collaborators, and troubleshooting.

CSS icon

Well organized CSS

I prioritize updated best practices for CSS. I believe in building CSS to be efficent which reduces loadtime.

PSD Icon

Photoshop Design Files

I have the skill to transform PSD designs into beautiful, SEO friendly webpages. A seamless PSD to HTML conversion process.

Soft Skills


Customer Service Skills

I have 6 years of experience providing customers/clients with the most thorough and friendly service. I strive for customer satisfaction not only for the company I work for but for my own peace of mind in knowing a client's expectations are either being met or blown away


Critical Thinking Skills

I strengthened my critical thinking muscle over many years and different job roles. I understand the importance of thinking objectively and utilizing that to complete the task at hand. I acutally find job in applying my critical thinking skills and learning from the outcome.



I learned from working in healthcare that every situation requires it's own unique solution. Every patient, client, or customer is different. I feel it is important to be able to adjust to the needs of each client for a more successful outcome. It is also important to be flexible in a team enviornment.